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Quantum Phenomena, and their Interpretation

Quantum theory makes precise predictions for the mean values and statistical distributions of results of measurements on quantum systems, but does not predict the exact results of single measurements. Did the laws of nature, which determine the results of single quantum experiments, yet slip detection, or don't such laws exist at all? This question has far reaching implications: If laws of nature determine the course of events in this world down to the very details, then everything what is happening today is completely determined by the events which happened in the past. Then all our thoughts and actions are pre-determined from time immemorial.

It has been proved in the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century, that the single measurement results of quantum experiments are not ruled by laws of nature, that Nature is acting truly irrational in her decision for this or that result. This is much more than merely to state that no such laws are known to us. It has been proved definitively, that such laws of nature do not exist, and hence will never be detected.

It is a central objective of this book to explain, how such a proof is possible at all, and how the proof works in detail. Furthermore many perplexing quantum phenomena are presented, and various proposals for their interpretation are discussed.

This book was written for readers with no specific education in physics. The book is written in german.

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