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The Climate Change
Since some decades, there is obviously a climate change happening on Earth. In this file, measured data related to climatic change are compiled, and their interrelations (earth radiation budget, greenhouse effect, radiative forcing) are explained.
Last update of this file: March-03-2024 .
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A dispute in summer 1936
The disputation inbetween Schrödinger and Bohr on the interpretation of quantum phenomena and the interpretation of quantum theory

No other document exists in the relevant literature, in which Bohr gives an account of similar clarity and precision on his view of quantum phenomena and his considerations regarding the interpretation of quantum theory. Schrödinger challenges him with persistent objections.
This article is written in german.
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Space and Time: Back to Aristotle!
In modern physics, space and time are introduced as basic notions, while they had been secondary, derived notions in the physics of Aristotle. In this essay the big advantages are outlined, which make a regress to the Aristotelian notions of space and time very attractive for (both quantum and classical!) modern physics.
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QBism, Quantum Nonlocality, and the Objective Paradox
The Quantum-Bayesian interpretation of quantum theory claims to eliminate the question of quantum nonlocality. This claim is not justified, because the question of non-locality does not arise due to any interpretation of quantum theory, but due to objective experimental facts. We define the notion "objective paradox" and explain, comparing QBism and the Copenhagen interpretation, how avoidance of any paradox results into poor explanatory power of an interpretation, if there actually exists an objective paradox.
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Potentiality and Actuality
The notion "phenomenon" in the philosophy of Aristotle and in the philosophy of Bohr

When trying to establish an appropriate set of terms for the description of quantum phenomena and their physical theory, some concepts of ancient greek natural philosophy, which had not attracted much attention before in modern natural science, were revitalized in the 20. century. In this article, the impact of Aristotle's definition of the four causes onto Niels Bohr's epistemology is investigated.
This article is written in german.
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Irrational Numbers
Three simple proofs for the irrationality of numbers

After a short overview in section 1 on the completeness of number systems and the necessity of irrational numbers, three explicite proofs for the irrationality of certain numbers are displayed in section 2:
(a) The proof, that the ratio of a square’s diagonal length to its side length is irrational (section 2.1)
(b) The proof of the irrationality of the “golden ratio” (section2.2)
(c) And the proof, that the roots of natural numbers are either integers, or irrational numbers (section 2.3)
This article is written in german.
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