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Foundations of Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
A textbook on master level

This book was written for students at the end of their master studies, or at the beginning of their Ph.D. studies. It will clearly be useful as well for other readers with similar skills, who are looking for an introduction to relativistic quantum field theory.
While any reasonably well equipped university library disposes of minimum eight shelf-meters of sophisticated textbooks, which deal with all aspects of the theory in ultimate details, there is a lack of textbooks in english or german language, which cover the essential foundations of relativistic quantum field theory soundly and completely, and at the same time take for granted on the readers side only those skills in mathematics and group theory, which are sufficient to pass with good grade the master exam in theoretical physics at a german university. This textbook was written to fill that gap. All necessary tools which exceed the standard knowledge of a student on master level are provided within the book itself.
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