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Julian Date
A file with Excel-macros, which convert the calendar date to the Julian date, and the Julian date to the calendar date.
Last update: Dec-18-2009
→ File download ( Excel, 55 KB )
Constants and Conversion Factors
This is an Excel file with the most frequently needed constants of nature, and with factors for the conversion between different unit systems. Advantage: For fast computations of simple formulas, you don't need to key-in again and again the same lengthly numerical values of these constants.
Last update: September-09-2015
→ File download ( Excel, 26 KB )
Coordinate-Translations and -Rotations
A file with Excel-macros, which compute arbitrary rotations and translations of coordinates. Furthermore macros, which convert spherical coordinates to cartesian coordinates, and cartesian coordinates to spherical coordinates.
These macros are useful e.g. for conversion inbetween equatorial coordinates, ecliptical coordinates, and horizontal coordinates.
Last update: Mar-19-2015
→ File download ( Excel, 381 KB )
A Vocabulary Trainer with 7 Languages
An Excel file with a vocabulary-trainer macro. Special feature: Words and phrases are displayed not only in 2 languages — as conventionally done in this type of software — , but in up to 7 languages in parallel. Thats very useful if you are trying to learn several similar languages. Example: (english) When will we meet? (spanish) ¿Cuándo nos encontramos? (italian) Quando ci incontriamo? (french) Quand nous rencontrons-nous? Such similar words and phrases can be memorized much easier, if they are displayed in parallel at the same time.
The vocabulary trainer is constructed so simple, that every user can easily adapt it for his/her own particular needs.
Last update: Jun-30-2019
→ File download ( Excel, 450 KB )
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